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Our Cottage Clips Grooming Staff

Kristin Feoli

Kristin joined Stream Valley as a Veterinary Technician with a background in grooming in April of 2016. She came to us with a Bachelor's from George Mason University in Animals and Society and she also graduated from the PetSmart Professional Grooming Academy. Her interest in veterinary medicine brought her to our practice but she has managed to find a wonderful overlap between veterinary medicine and her talent as a groomer here at Cottage Clips. Kristin prides herself on working with the dogs to make grooming a fun and positive experience for them while still getting their needs and the needs of their owners met. You can rest assured that whenever Kristin is grooming your pup, she is also doing a cursory assessment of their overall health with regard to their skin, abnormal growths, body condition, dental disease and much more. And if Kristin notices something she's concerned about, she will always be sure to pass on her thoughts to you. If grooming hasn't been such a great experience for your dog in the past, Kristin can work with both you and your pup on techniques and skills that will help them get accustomed to the grooming process. Stay Tuned: Kristin also has an interest in learning animal massage therapy and if she ever realizes this dream, we will be sure to pass that on to all of you!

Broadlands / Ashburn, VA - Stream Valley Veterinary Hospital - Meadow loves her days at Cottage Clips!  

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Meadow loves her days spent with our Cottage Clips staff!

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