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Our Paramedical Staff -

Receptionists, Assistants, and Technicians

In order to best serve our patients and clients and and to create well rounded and knowledgeable team members who can rely on one another, we often "cross-train" our staff.  Therefore, you may see a member of our reception team in the exam room assisting the doctor with your pet, or your usual technician assistant might help you with your invoice after an appointment.  As we continue to grow and train our teams, we'll keep up this cross-training effort to continue to provide you the Hometown Hospitality that you and your pet deserve!

Management Team

***Shannon Robinson, LVT***

~Practice Manager~

Shannon came to Stream Valley in 2004 as a veterinary assistant with her Bachelor's of Science in Wildlife Biology from the State University of New York's College of Environmental Science and Forestry. In 2013 she became a Licensed Veterinary Technician through the American Animal Hospital Association's LVT program and with her new credentials she rose through the ranks to lead the Veterinary Technician Team. With a persistent personal endeavor to expand her knowledge base and technical skills, it wasn't long before Shannon became Stream Valley's first Practice Manager and she continues to use her position to grow and shape the Stream Valley Family as the practice grows and our community evolves. With the amount of time Shannon devotes to Stream Valley, you may be surprised to know that she also has a young family of her own at home including her husband Greg and her 10 year old German Shorthaired Pointer named Bella. Bella earns her keep by starring in Stream Valley's dentistry video on our YouTube channel. Shannon's special interests include wildlife and exotics care and expanding her knowledge and skills in practice management. Her background in working with both wildlife and exotics makes her our go to resource for the various critters who come through the doors including rabbits, birds, turtles, lizards, pocket pets and more. As her own pup Bella is getting older, Shannon has also developed a special interest in care for senior pets. Shannon's  is currently working on her next goal of becoming a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager.

***Kelsey Hockenbury***

~Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Kelsey has been a part of the Stream Valley Family in one form or another since she took her first job here as a kennel assistant back in 2002. From there, Dr. Corey took her under her wing and nurtured her love of animals and passion for the industry and trained her as a veterinary assistant. As much as Kelsey loved Stream Valley, she couldn't deny her love of emergency medicine and left for about nine years to work as a technician in the intensive care units of several Emergency and Referral hospitals but when she welcomed her two baby boys (now 3 and 18 months old), the overnight hours of the ICU became a little much and she took some time off to enjoy her growing family which include her husband, 10 year old Vizsla Encore and 4 year old cat Milo. When Dr. Corey said there was work to be done at Stream Valley, Kelsey happily came back to help undertake the overwhelming process of bringing our practice into the 21st century by making the archaic paper records electronic and assisting the front desk team. Since coming home to Stream Valley, Kelsey expressed a strong interest in the client experience at our practice and has since been given the position of Stream Valley's Chief Customer Officer (CCO) so if you have any feedback on your experiences or interactions at Stream Valley, she is the girl to talk to! 

Client Services Representatives (Reception Staff) 

***Craig Bond***

Craig became a member of the Stream Valley family in October of 2016 and has been a welcome addition to the Customer Service Representative Team. He came to us with a science background as evidenced by his Bachelors of Science in Biology from Cheyney University in Pennsylvania in which he focused his degree via a health professionals track. He has a black and tan Pomeranian at home aptly named "fluff ball" but he is interested in learning much more about dogs and other household pets. Craig's personal goal is to get a doctorate in human Physical Therapy and open his own practice. We hope to channel his passion for human physical therapy into physical therapy for pets and we look forward to learning and growing with him. 

***Kelly Schumacher***

                         You will meet Kelly at the front desk but you may also recognize her from our kennel team as well. She may have brought your pups to you after a stay for daycare or boarding and chances are your pets have come to love her since she spent tons of quality time loving on them and caring for them in the back while they were staying with us. Now you can get to know her too as she has recently joined our front of house team as a Customer Service Representative. Kelly has a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary Medicine from The University of Wyoming. Kelly has two cavachons named "Daisy" and "Lucy" as well as a main coon cat named "Jasper" and her pets have been coming to Stream Valley since long before Kelly joined our team. She has a special veterinary interest in infectious diseases but outside of work she unwinds by playing video games, reading fantasy novels and going snowboarding. Her goal is to go to Veterinary School and we look forward to preparing her for that journey in any way we can!

***Brittany Anson***

Brittany came to Stream Valley in December of 2016 with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education PK-6 with a concentration in History and Social Sciences. She has a 1 year old Sichon named Aurie (that's half Bichon and half Shih-Tzu for those of you who were wondering). Her two-legged family is made up of 3 brothers who are all currently serving in the Army, a mother who is a retired nurse and special education teacher and a father who is a Police Captain. She has a very close family and they love spending time together. She is also newly married and in her free time she loves to spend time with her husband and their dog and to run, go to the gym and even cook and bake! Brittany is excited to be working with the clients and patients and building relationships with them. She also hopes to work towards becoming a Veterinary Assistant and plans to keep up with her teaching license. 

***Joy Dotson***

Check back soon to learn more about Joy!

***Jackie Hinther***

Check back soon to get to know Jackie!

Technician/Assistant Staff

***Laura Koch, LVT***

~Technician Team Lead~ 

Originally from Mount Vernon, New York, Laura has embarked on her life's second career with us at Stream Valley! Laura holds both a Bachelor's of Science and a Master's Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and she also has a Master of Strategic Studies from the United States Air Force Air War College. After 27 years of service in the military, Laura retired from the United States Air Force and said goodbye to her last assignment at the Pentagon. She became a Licensed Veterinary Technician through Northern Virginia Community College's Veterinary Technology program and in 2013 we were lucky enough to call her part of the Stream Valley Family! In all of her endeavors, Laura has had her now 11 year old hound mix, Scout, by her side but her plans aren't over yet! Her next goal is to earn a Bachelors in Veterinary Technology so that she may continue her pursuit of knowledge and skill relating to her "second" career.  Her extensive and colorful background and leadership experience has allowed her to fit seamlessly into her role of Lead Veterinary Technician and she is working hard to shape, educate and inspire the entire technician team.   

***Suzanne Armstrong***

 Suzanne has been with Stream Valley since October of 2012 when she joined our kennel team working part time. She has excelled and flown through the ranks becoming a kennel supervisor and then the Lead Kennel Assistant by working hard, learning harder and having fun with her work. We have her to thank for the success of many of our endeavors with our daycare and boarding pets, including the Halloween Costume Contest, pet pictures with Santa, photos with the Easter Bunny and even Thankgiving cards from the pets to their owners (complete with paw print of course). As her successes at Stream Valley grew, so did her interest in the medical aspect of our practice and before long she was training under the tutelage of Dr. Corey and the other technicians to become a veterinary technician. Her drive continues to propel her to advancement and success and she now utilizes her organizational skills as our Inventory Manager. Suzanne is also currently pursuing her Veterinary Technician Licensure though the AAHA accredited program at Dallas County Community College. When she isn't working hard, she relaxes at home with her furry family members; ""Digger" is her 5 year old black lab and "Lady" is her 6 year old long haired dachshund (A.K.A "Buggie," short for "LadyBug") You may also have seen her most spoiled fur baby running around the hospital; her 11 year old Chawinnie named "Lillith." Suzanne adopted Lillith through Stream Valley after she was relinquished to Stream Valley by her original owners who were unable to care for her after her surgery. At work Suzanne enjoys continuing to expand her knowledge base, especially when it comes to nutrition, laboratory services, inventory and oncology and she is also enjoying the pain staking process of bringing our small business into the 21st century as we undergo the transformation to become a paperless practice. When she isn't working, she loves to spend her free time hiking, fishing, embroidering and spending time with her Fiance Anthony and her four-legged family members.

***Christian Stafford, CVA***

        Christian grew up with cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and goldfish; he also enjoys hiking and being outdoors in general.  This love of pets, combined with a love of the outdoors, makes Christian a natural fit for our kennel and daycare team!  Before coming to Stream Valley, Christian volunteered at an educational farm, and he still values educational experience here. Since starting with Stream Valley as a kennel attendant, Christian has broadened his horizons and now you will see him working with your pets in the exam rooms as a veterinary technician. He has achieved his Veterinary Assistant Certification as well as a certification in Ultrasound Technology.  We also rely on him for the late night care and wellness checks we are able to provide to our hospitalized patients and boarders. Christian's poodle-boxer mix Diego is our own "doggie blogger"; be sure to check out Diego's Diary!


***Amber Young***

Amber came to Stream Valley in December of 2015 as a kennel attendant (but she can’t believe it’s been as long as it has!) and she is now training to become a veterinary technician. Amber loves spending quality time with the dogs so you may see her in the boarding facility as well as in the exam rooms. She is currently enrolled in the NOVA program to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician and Stream Valley is helping with her practical portion of the training. Don’t be surprised if you hear your doctors or technicians teaching her as they care for your pets! Amber can’t wait to get her technician license but she also has a strong interest in behavioral medicine. When she’s not working, Amber loves to spend time horseback riding, going to the beach (whenever she can get away) and, of course, spending time with her 6 year old Dachshund “Rocky” and her 13 year old cat “Gus.”

Rising Stars:

Over the years, we've welcomed several young local residents on to our staff.  Many of them joined us as Kennel Attendants, eventually becoming Veterinary Assistants.  We're now watching them grow and pursue their professional goals!

Monica Sidhu: Monica has been a member of our technician staff, and she went on to study Veterinary Medicine at the Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in India.  She is now pursuing multiple short-term residencies as she prepares for her U.S. Veterinary Licensing Exams.

Abby Peach: Now attending Virginia Tech, Abby is pursuing studies toward veterinary school.

Kelly Esch: Kelly is now in her final year of Veterinary School, gaining experience in clinical rotation.

Peter Janzen: Having completed his Bachelor's in Biology at Brigham Young University, Pete is now married and pursuing medical school.

Ryan Braumann and Thomas Turpin are each pursuing higher education in veterinary schools.