Stream Valley Veterinary Hospital Files - 'New Client Welcome Forms'http://streamvalleyMAKEOVER.evetsites.netTo expedite your check-in as a new client or with a new pet, we offer our standard "Welcome Packet" of forms here online. Please visit all 3 links and fully complete each form."Welcome" / New Client / New Pet Form to the practice? Adding a new pet to the family? This form helps us welcome you to Stream Valley and set up your pet's medical file.file/52053/"Welcome" / New Client / New Pet FormNotice of Hours and Contact Authorization pet's file requires this form as acknowledgement of our office hours, authorization for email/text use, and secondary/emergency contact information.file/52054/Notice of Hours and Contact AuthorizationPhoto Release Form form lets us know if we may use or post photos of your pet or family for marketing, educational, etc. purposes.file/52055/Photo Release FormRecord Release form allows us to request your pet's medical history from previous veterinary service providers or from future emergency or specialist care providers.file/52056/Record Release