Stream Valley Veterinary Hospital

42902 Waxpool Road
Ashburn, VA 20148-4525


Our Support Staff 

  • Shannon Robinson, LVT, Practice Manager, earned her Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Biology from the State University of New York, and she became a Licensed Veterinary Technician through the American Animal Hospital Association's LVT program.  Shannon's special interests include wildlife care, making her one of our go-to staffers when rabbits, ducks, birds, turtles, and such come through our doors!  She is currently working toward becoming a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager.


  • Donnica O'Neal, Stream Valley's bookkeeper, studied at both the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India and Northern Virginia Community College, earning her degree in Accounting.  A mom to two young adults, Donnica also has two Whippets, three rescued cats, and a Saddlebred horse.


  • Don Kelley, Dr. Corey's "other half" and an Environmental Engineer, by title, is acting as Facilities Manager, ie: getting fixed what "gets broke" and spear-heading the plans for expanding Stream Valley's current facility in the near future.


  • Shadow is Stream Valley's "Clinic Cat" and, really, our general supervisor.  From atop his perch on our treatment area refrigerator, Shadow can monitor all Stream Valley activity, allowing him to micromanage our daily comings and goings.  He is present to welcome some of our boarders and patients, and he would never let us forget a meal time!  He keeps us all in good spirits as he is always available for a pet, a snuggle, or even a quick chat.

Broadlands / Ashburn, VA - Stream Valley Veterinary Hospital - Shadow, our "General Manager"