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Teen Shadowing & Mentor Programs 

Students in at least their sophomore year of high school may participate in our "Shadowing" program.    With a maximum of two students per doctor per year, we offer one day a week (for one month, ie--4 total days) shadow opportunities, during which students can see and experience some of the daily duties and tasks of a veterinarian.

We are also quite proud of our "Medicine and Small Business Mentoring" programs that young adults ages 15-18 may apply for through their school counselors.

There are three areas of focus to choose from:

1. Medicine and Pharmacology
2. Animal Husbandry and Zoology
3. Hospitality and Small Business Marketing and Management

During the first half of the school year, the participant will be trained in one of the above disciplines by a "mentor" Stream Valley employee in exchange for part-time work in this same area during the second half of the school year and following summer.  In addition to learning basic skills utilized in these fields of work, the student will complete several small research projects related to these areas of interest for review by the "mentor" group and their school counselor.  It is our hope that we can both expose young adults to the hands-on part of their possible future jobs, as well as help develop their confidence in planning a real world career path.

Please contact Dr. Mary Corey for further information about our Shadow or Mentor Programs; email Attn: Dr. Corey

A note from one of our student "Shadows":

"Dear Dr. Corey,


Thank you so much for letting me shadow at Stream Valley Vet.  I had a lot of fun!  Veterinary Medicare was an interest of mine for a long time and you and your staff helped me see in more detail what it's like on a normal everyday basis.  I learned that while you get to spend your day working with animals it isn't always fun and games.  There's a lot more to it.  You have to be able to sustain the comfort needs of the animals so the procedures can go smoothly.  The first day that I walked through the doors of Stream Valley I was pretty nervous to say the least.  I had never shadowed for a vet before.  It was pretty nerve racking but really exciting.  Begin a vet requires a lot of work, you have to know how to work with animals and how to deal with their owners.  Thank you for this opportunity!  It was a lot of fun to be able to see everything in action and up close.  Taking your animals to the vet is nerve racking but now I feel more at peace because I got to see what happened and how they were treated!  I'm really grateful for this rare experience that I was allowed to have!  Thank you for this!


See you soon!

A reflection from one of our mentor students:

"Throughout the duration of the program, I was exposed to a multitude of new experiences and learned an enormous amount of information. The most challenging units to get under my belt were the systems in the bodies from a broad perspective; with only two to three weeks in each unit, those were particularly difficult. The most interesting pieces of the internship, to me personally, were definitely the processes of anything related to discovering the obstacles in each individual case. I found that especially in regards to age and breed, the possibilities can be greatly narrowed down, which really surprised me at first because prior to entering the program I was wondering how a veterinarian ever solidified an answer. An aspect of the Hospital that I loved was the collaboration of everyone on the clinic wide team and the family environment that they set in their kindness to each other. That is a trait that not every business is privileged enough to have and I was fortunate to witness it firsthand...This program has encouraged me that I can find an occupation that fits me perfectly involving animals, and as my senior year is coming to a close, I am planning to major in life science, animal science, or zoology...I am so grateful to Dr. Corey’s teacher’s heart and to the entire staff at Stream Valley Veterinary Hospital for the opportunity that they gave me to be up close and personal with the veterinary field and all that it entails. This experience was exactly what I needed to show me what kind of field I am headed toward, and though I’m still not exactly sure what that field is yet, I’m sure it’ll be great.



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