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Vaccine, Testing, and Preventative

 Protocols for Grooming

While your pet is a guest at Stream Valley's Cottage Clips, our goal is to make sure that he or she stays healthy and happy while being groomed.  For the safety of all our guests, we require that each pet is up-to-date on core vaccinations.  Per the doctors' recommendation, some pets may be too ill or too young to have received all of these necessities, and we will take whatever precautions we can to prevent exposure.

            We highly recommend that exams and vaccines be made and kept current before the grooming visit, but we can and will perform an exam and provide treatments and services on the same day as needed.  Should your pet need any updates on groom day, we will provide you with an estimate to review and sign, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have at that time.

Canine Vaccine Requirements

1 - Veterinary exam within the last 12 months

2 - Current Vaccines:

  • Rabies (1-year or 3-year vaccine, based on age and previous vaccination history)

  • Distemper (1-year or 3-year vaccine, based on age and previous vaccination history)

  • Bordetella (kennel cough; 6-month vaccine)

** We Strongly Recommend—annual Canine Influenza vaccine, annual heartworm test with monthly heartworm preventative, annual fecal exam (intestinal parasite test), annual lyme vaccine, annual leptospirosis vaccine, and monthly flea/tick preventative

Feline Vaccine   Requirements  

1 - Veterinary exam within the last 12 months

2 - Current Vaccines:

  • Rabies (1-year vaccine)

  • Distemper (1-year vaccine)

**We Strongly Recommend—annual fecal exam (intestinal parasite test), monthly flea/tick preventative, FIV/FELV test and annual heartworm test

If you would like further information regarding preventative care, please give us a call at (703)-723-1017!

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