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As professionals, we will provide you with or advise you about the finest and most up-to-date veterinary care that there is.

As a committed small business, we will maintain a dedicated, educated, courteous staff to assist you and your pet with your needs.

As pet owners, we will guarantee your pet will receive the same loving care we give our own.

As your neighbor, we promise you the hospitality inherent in our close-knit community. 


Call Us: 703-723-1017
Email Us:


Programs & Tours 

Stream Valley hosts, by pre-arrangement, numerous fun and educational, age-tailored, group tours and shadowing programs.

How To Prepare

When you schedule your pet's appointment with us, there is some information that you can gather to help us meet your pet's needs.  We ask a lot of questions during routine physical exam, and thinking about them ahead of time can help you feel better prepared for your pet's visit.

Appointment Policies

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself  with our appointment, arrival, and payment policies to help answer questions you may have about our business operations. 

Welcome Packet

Come to your  first appointment prepared by filling out the new client paperwork. This way we can ensure a smooth transition for you and your pet into our family. 

Pet Adoption Assistance

Give us a call at (703) 723-1017 to schedule a consultation with a member of our staff. 

What Does My Pet Need?

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