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Doggie Daycare

Why leave your pet home alone all day; when they can be with us, learn, and play!

At Stream Valley's Doggie Daycare, we will, to the best of your pet's ability, introduce him/her to new friends, so s/he can learn socialization skills while having fun running and playing! Doggie Daycare provides a safe place for dogs, young and old, to get outside and meet one-another! For best results, playtime is organized each day to best meet the needs of all the dogs present.  Dogs of all shapes, breeds, and sizes are encouraged to meet similar playmates, but if individual/ specialized attention is needed we are happy to accommodate.  

Throughout the day your dog will:

Enjoy long runs around the play yard

Make new friends 

Share toys 

Pretend to share toys but actually abscond with toy and never let go 

Learn the balance between life and love

You and your pet can expect:

A clean and safe environment, complete supervision, and a vet on site, if needed

Educated and competent staff to give your pet a safe and happy experience

Toys and a warm cuddly blanket for nap times, with happy music to entertain while indoors

Lunch and treats provided, if desired by owner

Complimentary birthday party celebrations or spa days (during the week of his/her birthday) to make him/her feel special

Lots and we mean lots of lovin'!

Our play areas include:

A sheltered play yard complete with a play gym and slide.

One yard features grass and a shady tree -- for those who prefer to lounge around

The third yard is half shaded and has fun training aids to play with.

And for those hot summer days -- a large and small pool to play and lounge in! 

Advanced Daycare Options

Behavior Training 

​​With some dogs, we may be able to teach basic "manners"

Basic Manners Include: no jumping, biting, or excessive barking

 Basic commands Include: sit, stay, off, or down. 


Learn more about our full kennel staff, which includes the accomplished dog trainer, Abby Peach. 


While your pets are enjoying their stay at Stream Valley, give them a full experience by adding basic grooming options. So after a fun-filled day of play they can come home bathed and beautified!

Learn more about the available basic grooming options and our grooming staff.

Are we matchmakers? Maybe so. Here are only a few of the relationships, Doggie Daycare has introduced/cultivated.    

Lillith & Tucker

Cooper & Winston 

Mika & Bear

Note: Due to increased demand for boarding in our kennel, during the summer and over holidays, we ask that you call us the night before to schedule a day of daycare for your dog.  We apologize for any inconvenience!

Veterinary and Grooming services are also available during your pet's stay.  Please discuss these with the Stream Valley staff when you set up your pet's daycare visit.  We can be reached at (703) 723-1017.

Stream Valley Veterinary Hospital's vaccination/preventative policy requires all of our daycare and boarding canines to be fully vaccinated and protected prior to their kennel/daycare visits.

Please call us at (703)-723-1017 to make a daycare reservation.

You can fill out and submit the daycare admission forms here.

Daycare Admission
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