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We've curated a selection of videos for you to reference when caring for your pet's needs at home. More will be coming soon! 


Video Library

Core and Lifestyle Vaccines at Stream Valley Vet

Vet Assistant Chaney, along with her dogs Eggo and Chance, shares details on the vaccines we provide and what they diseases/illnesses they protect against!

Toothbrush Training Demo

Vet Assistant Chaney displays how to slowly introduce the use of a toothbrush on Leo's teeth.

NEW! Toothbrush Training - In Daycare

Kennel Attendants Cameron and Tyler use the techniques they learned from Chaney to help Ruby and Nugget!

Giving IV Fluids

to a Cat

Lead Veterinary Technician Suzanne shows how to best give fluids to a cat using an IV with our beloved hospital cat, Shadow.

At-Home Dog

Dental Care Tips

Vet Assistant Chaney and her dog, Eggo, share tips to build up your dog's comfort level with toothbrushing at home. Check it out!

Giving Insulin to Your Diabetic Cat

The American Animal Hospital Association provides an in-depth tutorial on administering insulin to your cat. For further assistance, call us at (703) 723-1017 and speak with our veterinary team.

Eye Ointment

for Cats

Dr. Corey shares her two best Fear Free ways for giving eye ointment to your cat. Don't forget to massage their head to reassure them that it's an easy process!  

Pilling a Dog or a Cat

Is your pet finicky when they need to take oral medication? Veterinary Assistant Chaney is back with her dog, Eggo, and her cat, Dunkin, showcasing how to ensure they swallow a pill.

Flushing a Cat's Eye

In the event that a foreign object or liquid gets in your cat's eyes, Veterinary Assistant Chaney shows you how to best clear out the eye. 

Treating a Cut Paw or Minor Wound

If your pet accidentally cut their paw or suffered another minor wound, Veterinary Assistant Chaney gives a demonstration on caring for it at home. Don't forget to have their first aid kit prepared! With major injuries or lacerations, please contact us immediately at (703) 723-1017.

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