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Management, Assistants, Receptionists and Technicians

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In order to best serve our patients and clients and and to create well rounded and knowledgeable team members who can rely on one another, we often "cross-train" our staff. Therefore, you may see a member of our reception team in the exam room assisting the doctor with your pet, or your usual technician assistant might help you with your invoice after an appointment.  As we continue to grow and train our teams, we'll keep up this cross-training effort to continue to provide you the Hometown Hospitality that you and your pet deserve!

Technician / Assistant Staff

Suzanne, Veterinary Technician Lead, Fear Free Certified, Veterinary Technology - Small Animal Assisting Certified

Suzanne has been with Stream Valley since October of 2012 when she joined our kennel team working part time. She first excelled and flew through the ranks from becoming a kennel supervisor to a Kennel Lead by working hard, learning harder and having fun with her work. We have her to thank for the success of many of our endeavors with our daycare and boarding pets, including the Halloween Costume Contest, pet pictures with Santa, photos with the Easter Bunny and even Thanksgiving cards from the pets to their owners (complete with paw print of course). As her successes at Stream Valley grew, so did her interest in the medical aspect of our practice and before long she was training under the tutelage of Dr. Corey and the other technicians to become a veterinary technician. Her drive continues to propel her to advancement and success and she now utilizes her many skills as Surgical Technician. Suzanne is also currently pursuing her Veterinary Technician Licensure though the AAHA accredited program at Dallas County Community College.

At Stream Valley, Suzanne enjoys continuing to expand her knowledge base, especially when it comes to nutrition, neurology and oncology. She also played a big part in the pain-staking process of bringing our small business into the 21st century as we underwent the transformation to become a paperless practice. When she isn't working, she loves to spend her free time hiking, fishing, embroidering, helping her niece Allison with Girl Scouts, and spending time with her Fiance Anthony and her four-legged family members.

When she isn't working hard, she relaxes at home with her furry family members; Digger, her 10 year old black lab, Blue, her 4 year old boxer/pittbull mix, and Lady, her 10 year old long haired dachshund (A.K.A "Buggie," short for "LadyBug") You may also have seen her most spoiled fur baby running around the hospital; her 17 year old Chiweenie named "Lillith." Suzanne adopted Lillith through Stream Valley after she was relinquished to Stream Valley by her original owner who was unable to care for her after his surgery. Also, she now has a bearded dragon named Payton, along with two ball pythons named Aspen and Cedar!

Chaney, Veterinary Assistant

Chaney joined our Stream Valley team in February 2020 as a Veterinary  Assistant. A local of Sterling, VA, she went to Park View High School, but then transferred to Florence High School in Arizona to obtain her Honors Scholar diploma. She then attended the University of Arizona for Veterinary Sciences, but came back home and is now studying at Northern Virginia Community College working towards her Veterinary degree!

Chaney website photo.png

Chaney is one of 9 children, and as the middle child, she has 4 brothers and 4 sisters. She says she and her siblings are very close; she's grateful for their love and support! She is also very close with her Aunt and Uncle and considers them to be her 2nd parents, adding 2 more sisters to her "abnormally large" family. Chaney also has dogs, cats, rats, goats, cows, and in the spring time she has pigs. Her favorite "boys" are her boer goat Alfalfa, and her cat Ramen, both of which happen to be her best friends--but don't tell the others! Now, she lives with her 2 cats, Ramen and Dunkin', 2 dogs Eggs and Chance, and a hamster named Cheeto. To top it all off, her roommate has 2 dogs named Topaz and Onyx!

Outside of work, Chaney is a huge basketball fanatic, and she played for 10 years. She is a North Carolina Tarheel basketball fan! Her father works for American Airlines, so she can fly "anywhere and everywhere" and she flies often! Chaney is also a Leader for the Loudoun County 4-H goat club.

In the future, Chaney hopes to become a large animal veterinarian and own her own practice!

Rob, Veterinary Assistant

Rob originally became a member of our Stream Valley family as a client with many dogs over the years, until he joined our veterinary team in June 2020. He always wanted to be part of a team who takes such great care of people's pets. Rob was looking for a career change after working in the information technology sector for over 35 years, and we're glad he chose SVVH! As a graduate of George Mason University, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Individualized Studies, with a focus in management and communications. He is currently enrolled in the veterinary assistant program at PennFoster.

Rob was born in Columbus, Ohio into a military family. The last family move took him to Norfolk, VA before planting roots in Northern VA. He lives with his wife, Jean, along with their two dogs Jessie and MacDougal. Jessie is a 2-year-old bloodhound, while MacDougal is a 2-year-old basset hound! Outside of work, Rob has learned many new skills along the way, which include fencing, caving, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, English country dancing, and yoga. He also learned to play the bagpipes and enjoyed when his dogs sang along. Rob and his wife are currently enjoying curling with the Loudoun Curling Club! 

IMG_1167 2.heic

Julia, Certified Veterinary Assistant

Since he is experienced with owning hounds, Rob is interested in learning more about dermatology in the veterinary industry. He would also like to study surgical and dental care. 

Julia began her Stream Valley journey in September of 2021. As she's lived in Ashburn, VA for 15 of her 21 years in life, we're glad to welcome another local team member to our practice. Along with working at SVVH, she's currently studying at George Mason University to receive her Bachelor's of Science degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Forensic Science. At GMU, she loved studying microbiology and that love translated into her work. She loves doing lab work, and is very much interested in "blood, skin, gross stuff." Julia also loves the phlebotomy side of veterinary work, and drawing blood (as creepy as it sounds, she says) is a lot of fun for her. 

Julia is part of a very-tight knit family with her mom, dad, and brother. It's always been the four of them! "We're all really goofy individuals who know how to have a lot of fun," she said. At her family's house, she has a 15-year-old cat named Jete, who is the sweetest boy out there. Julia also has a bearded dragon, at her apartment, named Spyro. She states that he's super docile, loves raspberries, and loves to ride on your shoulder. One of his arms had been amputated about a year ago, but he does well on 3 legs. 


Outside of work, Julia likes playing video games and playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends on days off. She thinks that someday she will go to school for her Veterinary Technician licensure. She's also really interested in doing dentals, but she feels that it would be really satisfying. Julia knows it takes a lot of work and learning, but she's willing to go that extra mile. We're looking forward to how she will champion the veterinary industry at Stream Valley Vet!

Aki, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Aki Bio

Aki began her journey at Stream Valley in May of 2021, shortly after graduating from James Madison University where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology with a minor in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Art. Aki’s dream, which she’s had since she was a kid, is to become a veterinarian. She loves working with animals and helping them out, and she loves how there’s so much to learn about all the different species. Working at SVVH has been very fun and informative for Aki, and she’s excited to learn more and gain new experiences.


Aki’s mom and dad were both born and raised in India, and they moved to the United States a few years before Aki was born. She spent a lot of her youth and vacation time in India, but she has lived in Virginia her entire life. Aki also has a younger brother who is about to head into college soon. Aki’s family takes part in many Indian festivals and celebrations, especially since they are a very cultural family. Her dog, a cairn terrier named Mika, loves to join them in their prayer ceremonies. She even sits with them while they take part in religious activities. Mika is not a fan of other dogs, but she has all the love in the world for humans and does get along with cats! 

Outside of work, Aki is very interested in detective/crime-solving work. Before college, she was involved in various sports and dance performances, and now she’s even more inclined to indulge in hobbies such as reading books, creative writing, and art—anything that involves creativity! She also spends a lot of her free time playing video games and watching either crime shows or anime. Aki also loves the Japanese culture, especially since she was able to study abroad in Japan with a group of her friends. She hopes to travel the world to learn more about all kinds of cultures. In the future, Aki wants to attend veterinary school and find opportunities to work with exotic and wildlife animals. Her goal is to get as much experience with helping animals before ultimately opening her own practice someday in Hawaii! 

Customer Service/Reception

Kate, Kennel Attendant/Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Kate started her Stream Valley journey in August 2020 as a kennel attendant, until she was cross-trained to work in kennel and as a veterinary assistant/receptionist. She is a graduate of James Madison University, where she received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology and a minor in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


Kate grew up in Ashburn, where she currently resides, as an only child with two loving parents. Her dog, Lucky, is a 15-year-old schnoodle! Outside of work, Kate enjoys going on long walks and spending time with close friends. She also likes trying new places to eat, wherever that may be. In the future, she hopes to be able to travel a lot someday. 

IMG_5540 2.HEIC

Aki, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Rising Stars: 

Over the years, we've welcomed several young local residents on to our staff.  Many of them joined us as Kennel Attendants, eventually becoming Veterinary Assistants.  We're now watching them grow and pursue their professional goals!

Kelsey F.

Jack H.

Emma S.

Angela R. 

Morgan L.

Caitlin C. 

Christian S.

Pete J. 

Helen W.

Roya C.

Kelsey, Marketing Manager - Certified Veterinary Marketer


Kelsey joined our team as a part-time social media manager in January of 2018. Having lived in Ashburn for almost 23 years, she is very familiar with the Northern Virginia area. She and her family have even been Stream Valley clients since 2001 with their first dog, a beagle named Shiloh. Kelsey graduated from George Mason University in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and a minor in Sports Communication. She originally intended to pursue a career in journalism, but her plans changed after discovering a newfound interest in marketing and social media. With a love for animals, Kelsey quickly jumped at the opportunity to work in a brand new position at SVVH. As she continued to develop her skills, she eventually began working full-time as the Marketing Director. She is very grateful for Dr. Corey's guidance and support over the past few years. She hopes to continue learning more about the well-being and care of pets overall.

Kelsey grew up with her mom and dad, along with her two brothers. Her dad currently works as a senior government contractor, while her mom works as a preschool teacher. The three siblings kept it all in the family by attending GMU! Her older brother, Ryan, works at a media production company, and her younger brother, Jordan, is finishing his IT degree at George Mason. Their family also has two mini-medium Australian Labradoodles: Bode (7), and Boomer (4). They have both received excellent care from the SVVH team since they were puppies. 

Outside of work, Kelsey enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music,  watching tv/movies, playing with her doodles, and keeping up with the latest news in the sports world. She has played the flute and piccolo for over 10 years in school, but she now enjoys playing these instruments when inspiration strikes. Kelsey hopes to continue her work in the veterinary industry for as long as she can. Someday, she wants to start her own business in being a creative consultant for various outlets. For now, she enjoys marketing Stream Valley as the best veterinary hospital in the Ashburn area and beyond! 

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