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Preparing for Your Pet's Appointment

When you schedule your pet's appointment with us, there is some information that you can gather to help us meet your pet's needs.  We ask a lot of questions during routine physical exam, and thinking about them ahead of time can help you feel better prepared for your pet's visit.

Some preparation questions for canines and felines: 

Does Your Dog...
  • Have a hearty appetite?

  • Act protective of food, treats, or toys?

  • Have bad breath?

  • Exercise or move freely?

  • Have "accidents" in the home?

  • Growl or nip at other pets, children, etc.?

Does Your Cat...
  • Have a hearty appetite?

  • Have "accidents" outside the litter box?

  • Have bad breath?

  • Exercise or move freely?

  • Behave aggressively towards other pets, children, etc.?

  • Exhibit destructive scratching?

Depending on the reason for each appointment, the information needed will certainly vary.  Our questions will also change with the type, age, or health status of your pet.  However, the above items can serve as a general guideline in the assessment of your pet's overall healthcare needs.


Please be sure that whoever will bring your pet in for his/her appointment is able to make healthcare and financial decisions during the visit.  It is vital that this person be informed about the pet's history and lifestyle so that she or he receives the appropriate and optimum treatments and services.

If you are new to the practice, or if you are adding a new pet to your family, you can fill out your "Welcome Packet" ahead of time in preparation for your appointment.


To schedule your next appointment, please give us a call at (703)723-1017.

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