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Good Samaritan Fund

Helping Pets in Our Own Community


Though we all love our pets and want the best for them, not all of us can afford the best care for our companion animals.  Unfortunately, sometimes life-and-death decisions must be made based on finances, rather than on available and advancing treatments.  

Stream ValleyVeterinary Hospital's medical team strives to create healthcare plans that are as effective and as economical as possible.  However, we are a small business, and we must meet our own expenses in order to continue on.  While we cannot simply "give away" our treatments and services, we do believe that every pet deserves access to the best modern veterinary care.  Therefore, in honor of so many beloved pets who have passed despite admirable intentions and efforts, we have established a "Good Samaritan" account, funded through client donations and created to assist families who cannot afford critical veterinary services.  You can help by donating at our front desk, either out of pure good will or in the name of a cherished pet who has passed.

For more information, please speak with our front desk staff during your next visit or by calling us at (703) 723-1017.  Thank you; your support is much appreciated!

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