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House-Call Appointments

Professional at-home appointments with your neighborhood veterinarians!

Why At-Home Appointments? 

Individual benefits of house calls vary from person to person and pet to pet. The medical staff here at Stream Valley wants the best possible service for your pet and is happy to make whatever accommodations necessary for you and your pet's well being.  

A few examples for At-Home Appointments:

  • Cats may be hard to catch

  • Aggressive/large/fearful dogs can be difficult to get into the vet

  • Exotics that fear leaving the house

  • Birds during cold weather

  • Quality of life/euthanasia in the comforts of pet's home 


Who's Eligible?

Anyone in Ashburn is eligible with select other locations at the Doctor's discretion upon owner's request.


Ideally, appointments will be at the end of the day or right after lunch for emergencies.

Services Available

  • Examinations

  • Vaccinations

  • Blood draws for blood work

  • Quality of life/euthanasia in the comfort of pet's home

Unfortunately, we cannot do x-rays, ultrasounds, or surgeries or anything requiring full sedation

Please do not hesitate to call or email us us for any questions or concerns! 

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