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Importance Of Microchipping 


1 in 3 pets go missing each year. Without ID 90% of those lost pets don't come home.

Only the size of the lead in a pencil, but worth its weight in gold, the HomeAgain chip helps identify a lost pet with a quick surface scan and get them home again safe!

Summer's "open-door" and yard activities create many opportunities for your pet to run free and get lost. Get them Home Again quickly when they have these small but valuable chips implanted. There are over 50,000 microchip scanners in circulation in the country, providing many veterinarians and shelters the ability to get your pet's name and contact info as soon as possible.

Stream Valley utilizes this simple implant to locate a local family at least once a month throughout the summer, when a Good Samaritan finds and brings a lost pet to us that often has no collar or tag to help identify it.

Helpful Links:

To learn more, visit the HomeAgain website 

Fido Finder: "Lost dog owners and lost dog finders can post classified ads, search listings, print posters, and receive automated email notifications when matching dogs are registered on the website.  Start by searching our lost or found dog listings, then proceed to register your lost or found dog to add the dog to our database and begin receiving email updates."

Loudoun County Animal Services: A department of Loudoun County Government, Animal Services is dedicated to serve and protect the public's health and safety and to assure the welfare of animals by promoting and providing for their safe, humane, and lawful treatment. 

Pet Amber Alert: Inspired by the missing child Amber Alert system, this website can "help spread the word rapidly about your lost dog, lost cat, or any type of lost pet."

Get your pet's chip implanted today through a technician appointment; we will even register it for you!

Call us at 703-723-1017.

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