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Go GREEN With Your Pets!

Earth Day 2019

Happy #EarthDay! It’s a perfect time to go GREEN with your pets. Whether you already live an environmentally friendly lifestyle or want to start being more eco-conscious, there are many steps to take to help our planet. Today, we’re giving you five ideas to start now!

Shop Local!

It’s true, shopping at locally-owned businesses helps the environment! They typically require less fuel consumption to keep shelves stocked when transferring product to their store in comparison to most chain businesses. Here are some local pet stores that you can check out in our area:

  • DogGone Natural Located in Ashburn and Leesburg, DogGone Natural is an independent pet store for wellness, nutrition, supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathics and many other natural pet products. They even have a pet health section on their website for great tools and tips!

  • Happy Hound – Happy Hound in Lansdowne Town Center offers specialty dog food, a dog wash, and multiple quality, US made toys. They are proud to offer everything you may need to help your dog life a happy and healthy lifestyle!

  • Dog KrazyWith stores in Leesburg, Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Richmond, Dog Krazy specializes in pet nutrition! They are the only retail store in the region with a Certified Pet Nutritionist. They also work with several animal rescue groups in the area!

Donate Your Pet’s Food, Blankets, Beds, Toys, and More

If you have gently-used beds, blankets, or towels that your pet doesn’t use anymore, donate them to a local animal shelter! There are all kinds of pets in need that can benefit from extra TLC. Or, if your pet switched to a new diet and you have leftover food, shelters will gladly make good use of it as well.

Recycle Your Pet’s Water

Has your pet left their water bowl untouched for a while? Before you throw the leftover water down the drain, give your house plants or outdoor garden life with it! This is an easy habit to start, especially since the water is already in a bowl, ready to pour onto your foliage.

Plant a Tree…Or a Garden!

Spring is in full bloom and the days are getting warmer, so you have the perfect opportunity to add greenery to the environment! Who else loves seeing the American Redbuds in bloom? Pick out pet-friendly flowers or plants from your nearby garden center and make planting seeds a fun activity with your furry friend. Dogs can finally put their digging skills to good use by digging holes for the seeds! Enjoy watching your garden grow during the summer knowing you made a lovely contribution to our planet.

Go For A Walk!

A beautiful spring day is a great chance to check out a new walking trail or dog park in the area. Celebrating nature on Earth Day is a wonderful way to appreciate the beauty of our planet. You and your dog may even meet some new friends on your adventure!

It’s never too late to make a difference in helping the earth. These are just a few ways you can contribute to the global Earth Day campaign, but there are always many more opportunities to do your part. Let’s show love to the planet that we thrive on!

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