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March Focus at Stream Valley Vet

February was too short a month, but we are ready for March! (And spring..we hope!)

This month at Stream Valley, we're sharing facts about common pet diseases and the best practices for preventing them, such as vaccines and preventative products. Common pet diseases include rabies, canine/feline distemper, kennel cough, canine influenza, leptospirosis and the list goes on. Fortunately, there are vaccines available to prevent them! If a disease is not vaccine preventable, such as heartworm disease and lyme, there are options for prevention and treatment.

Throughout your pets lives, they will be likely exposed to several infectious diseases that can cause severe illness or even death. But if you take steps to prevent infection through vaccination, you will greatly extend their lives! For dogs, core vaccines can include rabies, parvovirus, adenovirus, and distemper. For cats, core vaccines may be rabies, feline distemper, herpesvirus, and calicivirus. If you are boarding a pet, we do require the Bordetella virus, which combats kennel cough. Veterinarians may recommend other vaccines as well, but this depends on the area, your pet's lifestyle, and level of health, along with the risk of your pet passing on a disease to other pets or humans.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media accounts for more helpful information in the weeks to come!

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