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What About Traveling Without Your Pet?

And what if you plan to leave your pet with a friend, relative, or pet-sitter while you travel?

Here's some important tips:

  • Leave your pet's caretaker at least two good phone numbers where you can be reached

  • Leave your pet's caretaker contact information for at least one other person whom you have authorized to seek medical attention for your pet in the event that you cannot be reached

  • Leave your pet's caretaker the contact information for your regular veterinarian and for the closest emergency veterinary facility

  • In advance of your travels, provide your regular veterinarian with a signed statement of whom you have authorized to seek medical attention for your pet while you are away (including the specific dates for your trip and any medical or financial parameters you would like honored in your absence)

  • Provide your pet's caretaker with a similar signed statement that may be presented to an emergency veterinary facility

  • Provide your regular veterinarian and pet's caretaker with payment information, such as a credit card number, that may be used to pay for any necessary veterinary services while you are away

  • Provide your pet's caretaker with a detailed list of your pet's regular food, treats, toys, and medications and of any restrictions or allergies to such items

  • Alert your pet's caretaker to your pet's favorite "hiding" and sleeping spots so that the caretaker knows where s/he might have to seek out your pet when checking on him/her

If you have any questions about preparing your pet and/or pet-sitter for your absence, please feel free to call us at 703-723-1017.

And remember, boarding with Stream Valley is available, so you can give your pet his or her own vacation while you're away!


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