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A New Lease on Life for Eggo

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

2 dogs and 2 cats in costumes
Eggo (far right) with his brothers: Chance, Dunkin', and Ramen (Left to Right)

It's all about adoptions, fosters, and rescues at Stream Valley this September! With more adoptable pets around the country than ever before, we're sharing stories from our own staff to help others truly learn what a difference adoption makes. To start, here's vet tech Chaney's story with the oh-so-lovable Eggo:

"I rescued Eggo in 2020 from Their Voice Rescue. He was estimated to be a 6-year-old Husky-Shepherd mix. Though he is the most handsome dog, he did come with a few fears and anxiety. He was afraid of stairs (I lived downstairs at the time), cars, cats (my best friend is my 10-year-old cat), and on top of it all, he had separation anxiety. With all this in mind, Eggo was also learning how to trust me.

We started Eggo on Fluoxetine, to help these anxieties and work through them. Through hours and days of sitting at the top of the steps with treats, he finally went down the stairs! Multiple Starbucks trips to get pupuccinos helped him relax in cars, and weeks of training with Ramen (my cat) and Eggo helped them finally came to a mutual agreement that they shouldn't be afraid of each other.

Since Eggo is part husky, he LOVES to hide. I bought him a big crate and covered the top in blankets to create his own "cave." I would feed him and give him treats in there. In return, I created a place for him to feel safe and protected. This is his domain and his savior from separation anxiety! Today, Eggo is loving life with 2 cat brothers and 3 dog brothers. Though somedays we may have setbacks, he is a much happier and less nervous dog than he was before."

Chaney's story shows that a lot of love, patience, and attention can set up a dog for success in a new home. Of course, Eggo is also very well-loved by all of us at Stream Valley Vet! The change from a shy, scared pup to a happy-go-lucky dog has made all the difference for Eggo.

Adoption can save the lives of many dogs and cats all over the world. The next time you're looking to bring a new furry family member into your home, we hope you'll consider adoption or even a foster opportunity!

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