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Winter Storm Safety Refresh

With a winter storm on the way, we have a few refresher tips we'd like to share! Let's all do our part to stop the hazards of cold weather from affecting our pet's health.

Pug wrapped in blanket
Who wants to cuddle up in a blanket like this pug?

  • Know your pet's limits! Some animals are more susceptible to the cold than others, especially short-coated, elderly, thin, or very young dogs. Try to limit the time they spend outside as much as possible.

  • If your pet takes longer to do their outside business, consider investing in a sweater or coat to keep them warm before we start to see more frigid days!

  • Don't forget about winter wellness! If your pet hasn't had their annual wellness exam yet, now is a great time before we get into the official winter season. Cold weather can worsen some medical conditions like arthritis. Make sure they are ready and as healthy as can be for winter.

  • During winter walks, dog's paws can pick up various toxic chemicals such as salt, antifreeze, or de-icers. Don't forget to wipe their paws after you return to help prevent them from licking it off and becoming sick.

  • Avoid the ice on walks as well. Stay away from frozen ponds, lakes or other water. The ice may not support your dog's weight, and it's extremely dangerous if they break through the ice.

Dog with scarf

  • Give your pet an extra blanket or pillow in their beds so they can snuggle up while they sleep. Pets prefer comfortable sleeping places and may move around for the warmest spot.

  • Repeatedly coming out of the cold and into the dry heat of your home can cause itchy, flaking skin. If it's raining or snowing while your pet is outside, towel dry them as soon as they come inside. Try to keep your home humidified as well!

  • If they appear bored or keep coming up to you for attention, engage in fun indoor activities with your pet! Play hide-and-seek with their favorite toy or treats, fetch in the hallway or basement, teach some new tricks, or hide a treat in a Kong ball!

Remember, if it's too cold for you, it's probably too cold for your pet! Give your pet extra love when the cold weather comes to town.


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